Jan 28 2013

Cheapest Oil Change

If you’re looking to seek out the cheapest oil change, you might not have to look very far.  If you have a garage and a couple of tools, then you can get your oil changed for next to nothing.  All you really have to pay for in that case is the bottles of oil so that you can do the job yourself.

Ever heard the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”?  Well my phrase is, “If you want something done cheap, then do it yourself.”

I like to avoid going to professionals for things that I can do my own.  If you’re the frugal type yourself, then you should try and adopt this thought process.  An oil change could cost over $30 at a quick lube station, but less than $10 if you do it yourself.  Why would you pay over $20 when you can just skip paying for the services.

If you would still like to find the cheapest oil change provider, instead of going at it on your own, I have a few tips to follow.

Motor Oil BrandsLook for an oil change coupon

You will almost always find the cheapest oil change deal this way.  Prices drop half price sometimes when you get the right coupon.  Most oil change companies send these out in mailers or put them right up on their websites.

Read the fine print

You’re going to often think that there is a great deal right in front of you, when you’re actually about to get ripped off.  Keep an eye on the details of the cheap oil changes because you might wind up getting hit with unfair recycling fees or shop fees that make no sense to you.

Don’t get “upsold”

When you go into the oil change station, the mechanic is going to try and get more services out of you.  Don’t get mad, this is their job.  Basic oil changes don’t really make them a lot of money, so they will almost always try and get more out of you if they can.