Jul 12 2013

Goodyear Oil Change Coupon

I like this coupon because it also  includes the  free tire rotation for 4 tires. Always a good thing for the tires to be added on the deal.  Very important that they be rotated from time to time for wear and tear.

You need to have the oil changed, drained completely and changed every three to five thousand miles depending on what kind of car you own. It also depends on how old it is, how you drive it, and many other things.

Make sure you know exactly when you are changing the oil each time, and make a note of it so you can reference it each time and make an new appointment with Goodyear for the next oil change when the time comes.

Remember that this one will  expire on 09/30/13. You must have this coupon to receive the offer. Check out the coupon for the details of the full terms and conditions.