Feb 12 2013

Mini Cooper Oil Change

A Mini Cooper is a smaller car with a very compact engine.  People that aren’t as familiar with the Mini Cooper’s engine should probably look for a quick lube station or a mechanic to do the work on their Mini Cooper so you don’t have to explore this engine by yourself.

The oil change itself is going to be similar to any other car.  You’ll start by prepping the car, getting it lifted, draining the old oil, swapping the oil filter and then adding the new motor oil to the engine.  These are very low cars, so be careful if you are doing the work yourself and driving your car up on lifts so that you don’t bottom out the vehicle on them.

Type of Oil for Mini Cooper

You should read your car’s owner’s manual, which you can usually find in your glove compartment, to find out what type of motor oil you should use in your car.  For the most part, it is recommended that you use 5W30 rated motor oil in your engine.  This is the recommended weight for most of them, although you might have a different model that requires a different type, so you should definitely look this up.

Synthetic vs. Conventional

You’re mechanic will most likely recommend synthetic motor oil for your Mini Cooper.  Synthetic is leagues better than basic or conventional motor oil, but your car can run perfectly fine with a conventional oil change.  Synthetic will require less frequent oil changes, less engine wear, easier start up and can work much better under extreme temperatures.  If you aren’t looking for a cheap oil change, then synthetic is the way to go.  It will usually cost about 3 times as much as conventional, but is definitely recommended for a Mini Cooper oil change.

Cost of the Oil Change

If you get a coupon for an oil change, the price will obviously drop a lot.  Most places that you go to get the work done, expect to pay about $30 for a conventional oil change and upwards of $70 for a synthetic oil change.  Coupons and temporary promotions can get these prices down a lot though, so keep an eye out.