Feb 28 2013

Oil Change Kit

The cheapest way to do most things is to actually do it yourself.  A cheeseburger in a restaurant can often cost about $15, but if you make it at home it will cost you about $2 or less.

You can apply the same economics to an oil change.  Oil changes usually cost about $25 for a conventional oil change or $70 for a synthetic oil change.  You can go to Pep Boys and get 5 quarts of conventional motor oil for $15-$20 or synthetic for about $40. Right there you can see this is a great way to at least get a cheap synthetic oil change.

Oil Change Kits

You can go out and buy each of these oil change tools one by one, but that can get a little more expensive and you won’t have the best combination of items.  There are going to be a few options from your basic kit, about $15, to an advanced kit, closer to $100.

Basic Oil Change Kit

Hopkins OP-KIT Oil Change Kit

You can get this kit on Amazon for a great deal.  This comes with all of the bare essential for an oil change, minus the ratchet set.  You’ll get:

  •  oil drain pan
  • oil filter gripper
  • tight spot funnel
  • two pairs of gloves
  • two shop towels

That is pretty much all you need to perform a basic oil change.  On Amazon, you can get this for a little under $15.  That will pay for itself over several uses and definitely save you money over time.

Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

This isn’t really an oil change kit.  It is more of a tool that you can use to make doing oil changes a lot easier.  I wouldn’t really recommend this for doing oil changes at home unless you are going to start charging your neighbors for oil changes.  You’ll also need an oil filter housing cup wrench along with this, but this will be the cleanest and easiest way to do an oil change without having to get under your engine.  This costs a little under $100 on Amazon.