Feb 04 2013

Synthetic Oil Change Price

There are basically three different types of oil change options that you get to choose from when you go to get your car serviced.  There will usually be a basic (conventional), high mileage and a synthetic oil change option.  Synthetic is also further broken down into fully synthetic as well as a special synthetic blend.  The newest type of oil is recycled (Valvoline NextGen) which is a whole other topic itself.

What is Synthetic Motor Oil

First, it would help to know what conventional motor oil is.  Conventional motor oil comes from crude oil which is drilled from the ground.  It is refined petroleum (crude oil) with additives included to keep your engine running better.  Sometimes the additives included differ enough to help justify spending a little more on your engine oil.

Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, are artificially created.  They use special synthesized materials rather than crude oil.  When conventional oil is made, certain contaminants will remain in the product that do not harm your engine, but they provide no help.  Synthetic oil becomes a more pure product where the majority of the product will actually benefit your engine.  How synthetic oil is made

A synthetic blend is a mixture between the synthetic and conventional motor oil.  This creates a premium product while helping keep the prices down.  There are less contaminants in the oil than conventional motor oil, but it isn’t quite as good as fully synthetic.

Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic oil is a bit more expensive, but it has it’s benefits.  You should weigh the options of whether the extra cost in the synthetic oil change price is worth it or not.  The following are some of the added benefits of using synthetic vs conventional motor oil.

  • Extra protection against engine wear
  • Lower volatility for decreased oil consumption (the oil breaks down less at “extreme” temperatures)
  • Easier start-ups at very cold temperatures
  • Greater viscosity (the “thickness” of an oil) at very high temperatures
  • Reduced engine deposits
  • You can go longer without an oil change
  • Better engine milegage (MPG)

Synthetic Oil Change Coupons

You can get the cost of a synthetic oil change down significantly with a coupon.  Most national brands will offer a discount every single month for these services.  Meineke, STS, Pep Boys, Sears and Jiffy Lube almost always have a discount oil change for you.  Most major brands including Castrol, Pennzoil, Valvoline and Quaker State have their own lines of synthetic motor oil.