Feb 02 2013

Tires Plus Oil Change Coupon

You don’t have to go looking for a quick lube station that “specializes” in oil changes when you hit your 3,000 mile mark.  The oil change is the easiest car maintenance that a mechanic can do for your car, next to refilling your windshield washer fluid.

Quick lube stations also make it their business to push upgrades on you that you don’t necessarily need.  They spend all day, every day, doing oil changes and then trying to tell their customer what else they “need.”  When you go to a company like Tires Plus, they are just looking to do the best job they can, and quickly, so that you can remember them when you need another service, like tires.

Tires Plus Oil Changes

While most companies will give you just about any motor oil they can get for a good deal, Tires Plus has your car’s life in their sights.  They don’t offer a basic oil change with regular conventional oil.  Instead, their lowest grade that you can get is a synthetic blend.  The blend helps you keep your car running longer and under more extreme temperatures and driving conditions.  It isn’t quite as expensive as fully synthetic, but it is great for most vehicles.

tires plus oil change coupon

Tires Plus Oil Change Coupons

Right now, there is a deal that gets you 30% off of any oil change.  That is a 30% off synthetic oil change coupon that also works for high mileage oil changes.  The lubricant that they use in all of these comes from Kendall motor oil.  Each of them also includes Liquid Titanium.  This coupon will expire on February 28, 2013.  I believe this also comes with a free tire rotation.  The coupon says ask, so go ahead and ask.

What is Liquid Titanium

Liquid Titanium is an additive that is used only by Kendall brand motor oil.  The Liquid Titanium is advertised to help boost your gas economy (better MPG) and decrease the natural wear and tear on your car or truck’s engine.

Other Tires Plus Services

You can get more than just tires or an oil change at Tires Plus.  They have professionally trained and certified mechanics at every single shop across the country.  What this means is you can get pretty much any maintenance done on your car and a decent amount of repair work as well.  They do brakes, emissions  engine repair,  elictrical, heating & cooling among other services.  You can get coupons for most of these other services as well.