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Mar 04 2013

NTB Oil Change Coupons

NTB, also known as National Tire and Battery, is a large automobile service company that serves car owners in the United States.   NTB was formed in 1997 through the merger of two large tire retailers.

National Tire and Battery is part of a network of companies that are all owned by the TBC Retail Group.  TBC owns and operates all NTB locations along with Merchant’s Tire & Auto Center and Tire Kingdom.   They also have shares and franchises held in Big O Tires.  Other non-tire retailers that TBC owns are SpeeDee Oil Change and Midas.

Since NTB is part of such a large organization, you’ll often be able to find some great prices with them.  They are able to keep costs down because of the large network that can significantly keep company cost overhead down, and they can pass the savings onto you.

NTB Oil Change Coupons

Every month we come across a new coupon for oil changes at NTB.   The coupons will change by a few dollars and sometimes be for synthetic or conventional oil changes.  They also have regular sales if they don’t do the coupon deal.  This way, all customers will get the same great price, rather than leaving out some people.

ntb oil change

NTB Oil Change Price

Besides their service quality, one of the best things about NTB is the fact that they advertise their real oil change prices online.  A lot of other companies will cover up their prices or make you come in to find out what your oil change will cost.  After you get the oil change, the prices will almost always be more than what they quoted you.  This is not the case at NTB locations.  The price that you see is the price that you get.  The only addition that they will tack on is the tax, and that’s just because they have to.

Feb 26 2013

Midas Oil Change Coupon

Midas has been a go-to auto mechanic shop for brake services since they opened the doors to their first location.  Since then, the company has significantly grown and shaped themselves to be a great location to get quick and affordable automotive services done.

You can definitely get more than just brake repairs and services from Midas.  All of the companies that once specialized in one realm of the auto repair business has had to open up to new services.  Among those services is the oil change which you can get pretty much any place that has a car lift and some wrenches.

Midas Oil Change

The standard for oil change intervals has been about 3,000 miles.  Newer cars don’t need to get their oil changed that frequently and cars that have recently gotten a synthetic oil change can push their car to about 5,000 miles before they need it serviced again.

Midas will be able to determine if your oil is ready to go or not.  If it is in need of an oil change, they can give you the regular conventional/high mileage/synthetic oil change.  They will then do the service with the oil that you requested with the select grade.  Other services are added as part of the “Midas Touch Courtesy Check”.  These free addons include a visual check of Engine air filter, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid, Automatic transmission fluid, Coolant/antifreeze.

Oil Change Coupons

This company usually offers a compeitive price on their oil changes, but every dollar saved will help.  There are a few ways to pull oil change coupons for Midas.  First, you can go to their website and search for your location to find what is available in your area in terms of discounts.  What I do is I have the Midas app for my iPhone.  This will pull up all local discounts so I just have to flash my phone to the cashier to get my discount.  The other way is the old fashioned option.  This involves combing through newspapers and local pennysavers to find a coupon you can clip.

Feb 25 2013

Goodyear Coupons – Oil Change

Long story short, you can get a lot more services done at a Goodyear Auto Service center than just tire purchasing and installations.  You can find Goodyear owned and branded locations or you can get to another local mechanic that is officially part of the Goodyear Tire and Service Network.

The coupon situation is different for whichever location you are closer to or decide to go to.  The Goodyear owned locations have to accept your oil change coupons that are nationally advertised while local and franchised owned shops can turn down the coupons.  The plus side of the non Goodyear owned shops is you can sometimes find even better deals just for specific locations.

Goodyear Oil Changes

Goodyear performs pretty much all tire services as well as an array of other automotive services.  They are a one stop shop for a majority of the maintenance that your car requires to last as long as you can get it to run.

The oil changes are usually pretty quick and affordable with this company.  They have an assembly line setup to get people in and out quickly so you aren’t waiting forever just to get your oil changed or tires installed.

In terms of oil changes, you can choose between a few options.  Goodyear only uses premium motor oil, so you don’t have to worry about getting an inferior product from a no-name brand of oil.  You’ll get a full service oil change including oil, filter, lubrication of fittings, engine checks and fluid top off.

Oil Change Coupon

There is a coupon available both on a national and on a local level.  The national discount is accepted at all Goodyear owned locations and the majority of the other shops in the Goodyear Tire Network.  There are a lot of Just Tires locations that will honor these deals.  For specific location discounts, you can go to the Goodyear locations page and look up the closest one to you.  Once you get to that page you can pull up the cheapest oil change deal for that area.

Feb 19 2013

5 Minute Oil Change Coupon

Spending just 5 minutes on an oil change is definitely an impressive feat.  It takes most places at least a half hour to do all of the work that is necessary to finish the job.  Even companies like Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube that have been around for a long time with huge business networks still take about 20 minutes to fully change your oil.

Take 5, a quick lube chain in the Southern United States, has figured out how to streamline the process so much that it takes just 5 minutes.  They are known for this quick and convenient service.

5 Minute Oil Change Locations

The majority of the oil change locations that Take 5 has to offer are found around the Southern belt of the US.  There are currently  25 locations in South Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Take 5 is quickly making an expansion effort into the Carolinas right now with locations in Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.  There are plans for new locations popping up in Mobile- Alabama, Laplace-Lousiana, Raleigh-North Carolina and Greensboro-North Carolina.

Take 5 Services

You can get more than just a quick oil change at Take 5.  They also offer several other maintenance services and minor repairs in their shops.  In order to keep the process running quickly, they don’t do many advanced jobs in their stores.  Mainly, you will get services like Transmission Fluid Exchange, Coolant Exchange, Nitro Tire Fill, Air Filter Replacement and Wiper Blade Replacements.

5 Minute Oil Change Coupons

You can find a lot of great deals at Take 5.  There are discounts and oil change coupons listed on their website.  The discounts are only applicable to each individual shop, so you cannot get a coupon for ever site in one spot.  What you can do, you can go to the locations section of the Take 5 website and find the closest Take 5’s to where you live or where you have your car.  Click on the link to the shop nearest you and you will get the coupons for oil changes and other services at that particular shop.


Take 5 Local Coupons

Feb 12 2013

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Walmart has been THE leader in low prices for pretty much any product that you can name.  They sell basically anything and everything in their stores.  They even have “Super” Walmarts that have a grocery store attached to the store that is already humongous.

Oil changes at Walmart are extremely convenient.  A large complaint among people who drop their car off for an oil change with most companies is that they have to sit around in a dirty waiting room for their car to be finished.  At Walmart, you can drop off your vehicle, do some of your regular shopping, then pick up your car in a half hour or so and pick up your car.

Walmart Oil Change Prices

As the leader in low prices and “rollback pricing”, you would expect that oil changes would be one of the cheap services that they would offer.  But, in reality, prices are not as competitive with Walmart oil changes compared to other local places like Sears or Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

Lots of people on the web complain about the higher prices of an oil change at Walmart.  They go out looking for oil change coupons for Walmart to get their prices down.

Walmart Coupon for Oil Change

Unfortunately, Walmart does not issue coupons for oil changes at this time.  If you want to get a cheap oil change at Walmart, you have two options.  First, you can wait for a sale and keep checking their weekly circular to find the discount.  Second, you can bring them a competitor coupon since Walmart matches lower prices and competitor coupons.  In order to use this, you have to make sure Walmart has the same exact motor oil and oil filter as they will only match the price of a service that is exactly the same.

Other Services

Besides oil changes, there are a few more car services that you can have done at Walmart Tire and Lube Express locations.  They can perform most of the smaller preventative maintenance for your car and all of them can install new tires that you either purchased from Walmart or brought in from another vendor.


Feb 08 2013

Sears Oil Change Coupon

Sears is a great place to get an oil change, among many other automotive services.  They have trained and ASE certified mechanics at every Sears Auto Center that can perform any regular maintenance jobs like oil changes and installation of new tires.

Sears Oil Change Price

The price of Sears oil change varies depending the type of motor oil that you want to use in your car.  Like most other lube stations, you can choose either conventional, high mileage or synthetic motor oil for your job.  As of February 8, 2013 the following are the prices of oil changes without a coupon at Sears:

  • Conventional Oil Change Service (Excludes Filter) – $26.50
  • High Mileage Oil Change Service (Filter & $3 shop fee excluded) – $44.99
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change Service (Filter & $3 shop fee excluded) – $59.99

Sears Oil Change Coupons

Obviously you aren’t going to want to pay full retail for this.  That is why you should be looking for a Sears oil change coupon to get the price down.  Sears usually issues their coupons the 2nd week of every month and they will last for about 30 days.  The discount usually brings a conventional oil change down to $17.99 and also lets you take $6 off the price of a synthetic or high mileage oil change.

Schedule An Oil Change Online

Not many companies have this set up, but with Sears you can pay for and schedule your oil change online.  The only other company that we are aware of that lets you pay on their website would be National Tire and Battery (NTB).  Simply select the year, make and model of your car from their drop down menus then choose which oil change you want.  If you choose to use an oil change coupon, there are usually coupon codes associated with them that let you get the discount by paying online.

Similar Companies

There are not a lot of companies that are such giant retailers offering auto services like this.  Walmart would be the closest example of a store like Sears that performs oil changes.  Pep Boys is another similar store, but they just focus on auto parts and accessories while you can find a lot more to shop for at Walmart or Sears.

Feb 08 2013

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change

A ten minute oil change?  That is about as quick as you can ever ask for.  Usually you are looking at stopping in to most mechanic shops or “quick” lube dealers for at least 45 minutes.

Pennzoil Ten Minute Oil Change is a small franchise run company that works under the umbrella of the Pennzoil motor oil company.  You would think that since a company like Valvoline has an enormous amount of Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations around the US that there would be just much as competition coming from Pennzoil.  There is actually only a handful of these Penn 10 oil change locations around the country, mainly in California.

Penn 10 Locations

San Francisco

1799 19th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone: (415) 664-5823


908 Diablo Avenue
Novato, CA 94945

Phone: (415) 898-5823

San Rafael

1524 2nd Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Phone: (415) 457-5823

Santa Rosa

690 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Phone: (707) 575-5823


3116 Banksville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Phone: 412-341-6665

Squirrel Hill

3401 Beechwood Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Phone: 412-421-4100

Bethel Park

Village Square Mall

2600 Oxford Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15102

Phone: 412-833-2300

Pennzoil Oil Change Coupons

coupon-oil-changeAll of these locations proudly service vehicles using Pennzoil motor oil.  So, if you were to get a discount or a coupon on an oil change, you can expect to get high quality Pennzoil instead of some unknown generic brand.  The other option for a cheap Pennzoil oil change is usually to get your car serviced at Pep Boys.  Several months out of the year there will be a specially run discount at Pep Boys locations nationwide on oil changes that use Pennzoil motor oil.

fullService_couponThe Pennsylvania and California Penn 10 locations have different websites with different deals available.  You couldn’t expect the pricing to be the same between Pittsburgh and San Francisco where the competition and costs of living are so much different.

Other Services

In order to keep these locations doing oil changes quickly and inexpensively, there isn’t much room for many more services to be performed.  While you can go to a Jiffy Lube to get most engine work taken care of, Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change really focuses on changing oil.  They do have some other small jobs of preventative maintenance that they will do like engine flushes, air filter replacements and transmission fluid changes.

Feb 03 2013

SpeeDee Oil Change Coupon

SpeeDee shops offers more than just your typical oil change.  With every car that gets in line for a service, they perform the 17 point oil change.  All locations throughout the United States are franchised.  They are family owned businesses, which should give you an extra feeling of trust as they are people from your community and not some corporate big wigs that you can’t approach.

17 Point Oil Change

Like I said before, you’ll get a full service job here.  They don’t just change out your oil and call it a day.  They have a standard 17 point system that they follow with each and every oil change.  The 17 point oil change includes:

  1. Oil Change with National Brand Oil
  2. Install New Oil Filter
  3. Lube Chassis*
  4. Check and Fill** Transmission Fluid
  5. Check and Fill** Differential Fluid
  6. Check and Fill** Radiator Coolant
  7. Check and Fill** Power Steering Fluid
  8. Inspect Battery Fluid and Top Off*
  9. Check and Fill** Windshield Washer Fluid
  10. Visually Check Brake Fluid Level
  11. Inspect Air Filter
  12. Inspect Cabin Air Filter*
  13. Inspect Wiper Blades
  14. Inspect Belts and Hoses
  15. Check and Set Tire Pressure
  16. Clean Front and Rear Exterior Windshields
  17. Vacuum Front and Rear Floorboards

5OffOilChange-CASpeeDee Oil Change Coupons

Since all SpeeDee locations are franchised owned, the individual shop owners are allowed to offer as big or as small of a discount as they feel is right.  Local SpeeDee owners will market their services in the ways that they each feel makes the the most competitive in their area.  For this, you can find SpeeDee oil change coupons by searching the locations part of their website and finding your local SpeeDee deal.  To the right is an examble of a coupon that they are running in San Diego, CA.

Start a SpeeDee Frachise

SpeeDee would like your help with growing their company.  All locations are franchise owned and operated, and benefit from the corporate image of SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up.  They provide training and marketing help to all new and current franchise owners.  The goal is to make each location successful.  Click here for more information.

SpeeDee Locations

There are locations spread all around the US.  If you move from one part of the country to another and have gotten used to SpeeDee where you used to live, then there is a chance there will be a new location at your new home.  SpeeDee currently has the following location counts: California – 59; Texas – 19; Louisiana – 17; Mississippi – 3; Florida – 13; South Carolina – 10; North Carolina – 6; Virginia – 3; Nebraska –  2; Iowa – 1; Illinois – 8; Indiana – 3; Ohio – 1; New York – 1; New Jersey – 1; Massachusetts – 13; Rhode Island – 3; Hawaii – 1.

Feb 02 2013

Tires Plus Oil Change Coupon

You don’t have to go looking for a quick lube station that “specializes” in oil changes when you hit your 3,000 mile mark.  The oil change is the easiest car maintenance that a mechanic can do for your car, next to refilling your windshield washer fluid.

Quick lube stations also make it their business to push upgrades on you that you don’t necessarily need.  They spend all day, every day, doing oil changes and then trying to tell their customer what else they “need.”  When you go to a company like Tires Plus, they are just looking to do the best job they can, and quickly, so that you can remember them when you need another service, like tires.

Tires Plus Oil Changes

While most companies will give you just about any motor oil they can get for a good deal, Tires Plus has your car’s life in their sights.  They don’t offer a basic oil change with regular conventional oil.  Instead, their lowest grade that you can get is a synthetic blend.  The blend helps you keep your car running longer and under more extreme temperatures and driving conditions.  It isn’t quite as expensive as fully synthetic, but it is great for most vehicles.

tires plus oil change coupon

Tires Plus Oil Change Coupons

Right now, there is a deal that gets you 30% off of any oil change.  That is a 30% off synthetic oil change coupon that also works for high mileage oil changes.  The lubricant that they use in all of these comes from Kendall motor oil.  Each of them also includes Liquid Titanium.  This coupon will expire on February 28, 2013.  I believe this also comes with a free tire rotation.  The coupon says ask, so go ahead and ask.

What is Liquid Titanium

Liquid Titanium is an additive that is used only by Kendall brand motor oil.  The Liquid Titanium is advertised to help boost your gas economy (better MPG) and decrease the natural wear and tear on your car or truck’s engine.

Other Tires Plus Services

You can get more than just tires or an oil change at Tires Plus.  They have professionally trained and certified mechanics at every single shop across the country.  What this means is you can get pretty much any maintenance done on your car and a decent amount of repair work as well.  They do brakes, emissions  engine repair,  elictrical, heating & cooling among other services.  You can get coupons for most of these other services as well.

Jan 30 2013

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupon

Valvoline oil company has a stake in a quick lube company of the same name.  Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations are franchised companies, so that means that individuals, not Valvoline own each individual shop.  That doesn’t mean that you will get any lower quality service at different locations though.  Valvoline makes sure that their franchisees run each shop to keep a consistency of quality throughout the respected company.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices

The quality of work performed at all Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) locations should be about the same throughout, but the pricing can be different.  This goes back to the franchise form of business that VIOC runs.  Each location can set their own prices to remain competitive in their own areas.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupons

Most locations will accept the VIOC coupons available online.  You can choose between printing the coupons at home or having them sent to your cell phone.  The monthly discounts for oil change with Valvoline can be sent to your mobile phone using the following directions:

Valvoline Synthetic Oil Change Coupon – Text VIOC7 to 58720.  You will receive a text back with a code to save $7 on any full synthetic or synthetic blend full service oil change.

Valvoline Conventional Oil Change Coupon – Text VIOC5 to 58720.  You will receive a text back with a code to save $5 on conventional full service oil change.

Printable Valvoline Coupons

The same discounts above can be found on the Valvoline website.  The coupons remain the same every month, but they adjust the expiration dates, so be sure to return to the site in order to print the newest Valvoline coupons.

Valvoline NextGen Coupon

You can use the synthetic oil change coupon above to get NextGen oil in your car.  NextGen is a new motor oil created by Valvoline that recycles motor oil.  This is done to help the environment while giving you a premium motor oil for your vehicle.

ez lubeEZ Lube Acquisition

In 2012, the biggest Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise holder spread VIOC into Southern California.  To make this move, he purchased every EZ Lube location in the SoCal area then rebranded them to Valvoline.  Through this acquisition, Valvoline instantly gained a major competitive edge over the market in and around Los Angeles and San Diego.