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Mar 06 2013

Firestone Oil Change Coupons

Firestone got their start as a tire company.  They are under the umbrella of a Japanese tire manufacturing company, Bridgestone.  In order to remain competitive within the marketplace, Firestone started opening Firestone Complete Auto Care locations that customers could visit to both purchase Firestone brand tires and get them installed by Firestone tire specialists.

Firestone Complete Auto Care does a lot more than just install tires though.  They provide a large array of different services like oil changes, transmission fluid flushing, tire rotations and wheel alignments, to name a few.  You can get a great deal on most of these services and also expect the work to be done professionally and quickly.

Firestone Oil Change

Firestone is a company that believes in providing quality services.  Their oil changes come only with top of the line motor oil from Kendall GT-1.

Standard oil changes are performed with Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, they don’t do conventional oil changes.  High mileage oil changes use Kendall GT-1® Synthetic Blend High Mileage motor oil and the fully synthetic change includes up to 5 quarts of  Kendall® GT-1 Full Synthetic motor oil.

All of these will get you a special ingredient that only Kendall GT-1 oil has.  Each bottle contains a special product that they call Liquid Titanium.  This is an additive that helps extend the life of the motor oil as well as your engine.

All oil changes include:

  • installation of a new filter
  • refill up to 5 quarts of Kendall® GT-1motor oil with Liquid Titanium
  • lubricate chassis (if necessary)
  • 3-month/3,000-mile warranty

Firestone Oil Change Coupon

Every month there will be a new coupon for an oil change from Firestone.  We provide the newest coupons for you so that you can get the cheapest oil change from them.

The deal to your right would be for a standard oil change with the Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend motor oil.  It would only cost you $19.99 with the coupon which is an incredible deal considering that is how much a conventional oil change will usually cost.  This coupon in particular expires on March 31, but if you click on it you’ll be brought to a page of new Firestone coupons.

Feb 24 2013

Pennzoil Oil Change Coupons

Pennzoil is the flagship motor oil brand for the Shell Oil Company.  Shell is one of the United States’ largest gasoline companies, that is what the consumer will usually see and notice.  They are, however, just the US subsidiary of a multi-national oil company run out of London called Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Shell in the United States can be associated with the gasoline stations, Pennzoil Motor Oil, Penn10 Quick Lube Stations and even the Jiffy Lube quick oil change stations.  In 1998 Pennzoil merged with their long time rival, Quaker State.  Now almost any location that you can get a Pennzoil oil change, you can find the option for Quaker State as well.

Pennzoil Motor Oils

Every major motor oil company has different lines of products to share with their consumers.  Pennzoil has, for the most part, 5 different type of oil under their belt.  They have:

  • Pennzoil – Conventional motor oil
  • Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle – Motor oil designed for vehicles with 90,000 plus miles on the engine
  • Pennzoil Gold – Synthetic blend motor oil
  • Pennzoil Platinum – Advanced full synthetic motor oil
  • Pennzoil Ultra – Full synthetic motor oil with sludge protection (The best motor oil for luxury cars)

Quaker State Motor Oils

Since Quaker State is technically the same company and technically made by the same manufacturers at Pennzoil, it would be smart to include Quaker State oils in this post.  While Pennzoil has 5 major oils, Quaker State only has the following 4 brands:

  • Advanced Durability Motor Oil – Conventional motor oil
  • Defy Motor Oil – Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Enhanced Durability Synthetic Blend Motor Oil – Synthetic blend for vehicles put under more stress than most
  • Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Quick Lube Stations

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is the number one quick lube station under the Pennzoil flag, although most people wouldn’t know it.  You can get Pennzoil oil changes at any Jiffy Lube location with or without a discount or coupon.

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change

Penn10 stations are much smaller than Jiffy Lube.  These small franchise owned locations are scattered around the country more in the Northeast United States and Canada.

Pennzoil Oil Change Coupons

We found coupons for Pennzoil oil changes in a few different options.  You can either print a Jiffy Lube coupon that uses Pennzoil motor oil, get a Pennzoil 10 Minute oil change coupon, use a Pennzoil mail in rebate or use one of the fairly common Pep Boys coupons for an oil change that uses Pennzoil.