Jan 29 2013

Discount Oil Change

How much are you looking to pay for your oil change?  The prices can vary from just under $10 upwards to $100.  That is to say, the $100 oil changes definitely aren’t coming with any forms of discounts.  At least, we hope that isn’t the case.

There are plenty of ways that you can go about looking for an discount oil change.  First though, you should figure out how much it costs before your savings ever come into play.

The normal price of an oil change also varies depending on who you are getting the services done by and other factors like the brand, quality and amount of oil that you need in your car.  Not every car is going to be the same, but the majority of vehicles do require the same minimum factors.


Oil Change Coupons

This is the most searched term online for discounted oil changes.  Besides restaurant and grocery coupons, I feel like oil changes are the most common thing to find a coupon for.

You can find an oil change coupon in a lot of different places.  Look around this site, it could be your first resource.  Beyond there, you can head to a search engine and snoop around for a new deal.  There are so many sites offering coupons for oil changes, even the companies actually selling them.

You can also check your local newspaper.  Coupons always pop up in there somewhere, usually in the automotive section.

Oil Change Discounts

Some companies will just offer a lower price for a period of time with no discount oil change coupons necessary.  Walmart oil changes are often given discounts rather than coupons.  They use their “price roll backs” instead.

Price Matching

There are some companies out there that will match lower prices.  You can bring in an advertisement from another competitor and see if they will match the price.  You have to be careful of the fine print though.  A lot of companies will offer oil changes with specific motor oil, which means that the company you are going to needs to carry that same exact brand in order for you to qualify for the discounted price.

Quality of a Discount Oil Change

Depending on why you are getting the savings, you usually won’t have to worry about the quality being anything less than you should expect.  The discounts are usually off of a regular oil change.  You should still be getting a premium grade motor oil and a filter.  Just check on that and you should be OK.