Mar 06 2013

Firestone Oil Change Coupons

Firestone got their start as a tire company.  They are under the umbrella of a Japanese tire manufacturing company, Bridgestone.  In order to remain competitive within the marketplace, Firestone started opening Firestone Complete Auto Care locations that customers could visit to both purchase Firestone brand tires and get them installed by Firestone tire specialists.

Firestone Complete Auto Care does a lot more than just install tires though.  They provide a large array of different services like oil changes, transmission fluid flushing, tire rotations and wheel alignments, to name a few.  You can get a great deal on most of these services and also expect the work to be done professionally and quickly.

Firestone Oil Change

Firestone is a company that believes in providing quality services.  Their oil changes come only with top of the line motor oil from Kendall GT-1.

Standard oil changes are performed with Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, they don’t do conventional oil changes.  High mileage oil changes use Kendall GT-1® Synthetic Blend High Mileage motor oil and the fully synthetic change includes up to 5 quarts of  Kendall® GT-1 Full Synthetic motor oil.

All of these will get you a special ingredient that only Kendall GT-1 oil has.  Each bottle contains a special product that they call Liquid Titanium.  This is an additive that helps extend the life of the motor oil as well as your engine.

All oil changes include:

  • installation of a new filter
  • refill up to 5 quarts of Kendall® GT-1motor oil with Liquid Titanium
  • lubricate chassis (if necessary)
  • 3-month/3,000-mile warranty

Firestone Oil Change Coupon

Every month there will be a new coupon for an oil change from Firestone.  We provide the newest coupons for you so that you can get the cheapest oil change from them.

The deal to your right would be for a standard oil change with the Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend motor oil.  It would only cost you $19.99 with the coupon which is an incredible deal considering that is how much a conventional oil change will usually cost.  This coupon in particular expires on March 31, but if you click on it you’ll be brought to a page of new Firestone coupons.

Mar 04 2013

NTB Oil Change Coupons

NTB, also known as National Tire and Battery, is a large automobile service company that serves car owners in the United States.   NTB was formed in 1997 through the merger of two large tire retailers.

National Tire and Battery is part of a network of companies that are all owned by the TBC Retail Group.  TBC owns and operates all NTB locations along with Merchant’s Tire & Auto Center and Tire Kingdom.   They also have shares and franchises held in Big O Tires.  Other non-tire retailers that TBC owns are SpeeDee Oil Change and Midas.

Since NTB is part of such a large organization, you’ll often be able to find some great prices with them.  They are able to keep costs down because of the large network that can significantly keep company cost overhead down, and they can pass the savings onto you.

NTB Oil Change Coupons

Every month we come across a new coupon for oil changes at NTB.   The coupons will change by a few dollars and sometimes be for synthetic or conventional oil changes.  They also have regular sales if they don’t do the coupon deal.  This way, all customers will get the same great price, rather than leaving out some people.

ntb oil change

NTB Oil Change Price

Besides their service quality, one of the best things about NTB is the fact that they advertise their real oil change prices online.  A lot of other companies will cover up their prices or make you come in to find out what your oil change will cost.  After you get the oil change, the prices will almost always be more than what they quoted you.  This is not the case at NTB locations.  The price that you see is the price that you get.  The only addition that they will tack on is the tax, and that’s just because they have to.

Feb 27 2013

Oil Change Seattle

Seattle is one of those cities where there is a lot of driving to do.  Places, for the most part, aren’t all within walking distance.  Even if it were, the weather means you will have to get in your car to fight the rain or the cold.  This puts a lot of miles on your car and means that you will need to get an oil change fairly often.

There are a lot of great mechanics and quick lube stations in the Seattle area.  We have some customer reviews and lots of Yelp reviews to help us find the best oil changes in Seattle.  We look into customer satisfaction, speed of service and the cost of an oil change when we choose the top locations.

Top Seattle Oil Change Locations

Stingray Auto Repair

701 John St
(between N Aurora Ave & N Dexter Ave)
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 420-3019

Stingray is open Monday through Friday from 7AM until 6PM.  They also have weekend hours on Saturday from 8:00-3:00.  Yelp reviewers have voted this the number one oil change location in the Seattle area.  They have almost a five star review from a giant 140 review count as of today (February 27).  Lots of people ended up there with a Groupon deal that got 3 oil changes for $30 and it seems as though each and every one of them was excited to report the amazing service that they got from Stingray Auto.

Lioe’s Automotive

2400 Beacon Ave S
(between S 14th Ave & Bayview St)
Seattle, WA 98144
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill
(206) 323-2828

Lioe’s is another small shop that does the majority of automobile repairs along with easier services like oil changes.  On Yelp, there are 18 different reviews mentioning an oil change.  15 of those reviews gave a perfect rating and a glowing review of Lioe’s services.

Firestone Courtesy Tire

4820 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Neighborhood: West Seattle
(206) 932-5044

This shop is different than Firestone Complete Auto Care.  There are 2 different locations in the Seattle area, but the one in West Seattle has the best reviews.  They have almost a perfect rating from their past customers.  If you want to get an oil change coupon from Firestone, you can head over to their website and print one up.  Right now there is a deal that gets you an oil change for $21 or you can upgrade to a synthetic oil change for an additional $18.10.

Feb 26 2013

Midas Oil Change Coupon

Midas has been a go-to auto mechanic shop for brake services since they opened the doors to their first location.  Since then, the company has significantly grown and shaped themselves to be a great location to get quick and affordable automotive services done.

You can definitely get more than just brake repairs and services from Midas.  All of the companies that once specialized in one realm of the auto repair business has had to open up to new services.  Among those services is the oil change which you can get pretty much any place that has a car lift and some wrenches.

Midas Oil Change

The standard for oil change intervals has been about 3,000 miles.  Newer cars don’t need to get their oil changed that frequently and cars that have recently gotten a synthetic oil change can push their car to about 5,000 miles before they need it serviced again.

Midas will be able to determine if your oil is ready to go or not.  If it is in need of an oil change, they can give you the regular conventional/high mileage/synthetic oil change.  They will then do the service with the oil that you requested with the select grade.  Other services are added as part of the “Midas Touch Courtesy Check”.  These free addons include a visual check of Engine air filter, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid, Automatic transmission fluid, Coolant/antifreeze.

Oil Change Coupons

This company usually offers a compeitive price on their oil changes, but every dollar saved will help.  There are a few ways to pull oil change coupons for Midas.  First, you can go to their website and search for your location to find what is available in your area in terms of discounts.  What I do is I have the Midas app for my iPhone.  This will pull up all local discounts so I just have to flash my phone to the cashier to get my discount.  The other way is the old fashioned option.  This involves combing through newspapers and local pennysavers to find a coupon you can clip.

Feb 25 2013

Goodyear Coupons – Oil Change

Long story short, you can get a lot more services done at a Goodyear Auto Service center than just tire purchasing and installations.  You can find Goodyear owned and branded locations or you can get to another local mechanic that is officially part of the Goodyear Tire and Service Network.

The coupon situation is different for whichever location you are closer to or decide to go to.  The Goodyear owned locations have to accept your oil change coupons that are nationally advertised while local and franchised owned shops can turn down the coupons.  The plus side of the non Goodyear owned shops is you can sometimes find even better deals just for specific locations.

Goodyear Oil Changes

Goodyear performs pretty much all tire services as well as an array of other automotive services.  They are a one stop shop for a majority of the maintenance that your car requires to last as long as you can get it to run.

The oil changes are usually pretty quick and affordable with this company.  They have an assembly line setup to get people in and out quickly so you aren’t waiting forever just to get your oil changed or tires installed.

In terms of oil changes, you can choose between a few options.  Goodyear only uses premium motor oil, so you don’t have to worry about getting an inferior product from a no-name brand of oil.  You’ll get a full service oil change including oil, filter, lubrication of fittings, engine checks and fluid top off.

Oil Change Coupon

There is a coupon available both on a national and on a local level.  The national discount is accepted at all Goodyear owned locations and the majority of the other shops in the Goodyear Tire Network.  There are a lot of Just Tires locations that will honor these deals.  For specific location discounts, you can go to the Goodyear locations page and look up the closest one to you.  Once you get to that page you can pull up the cheapest oil change deal for that area.

Feb 22 2013

Cost of Oil Change

You never really question the cost of an oil change until you need to get one.  Then you start wondering why the prices are so much different everywhere you look.  Well, that is if you can actually find the prices.  Most companies seem to hide the actual cost of an oil change from you.  Usually when you find an oil change coupon, they will say how much you are saving and not how much the final price actually is.

There are actually a lot of factors that go into how much an oil change will cost.  You have to take into consideration the type of oil you are getting, any discounts you are receiving, whether or not you are getting  a new filter and also the area you are in.

Different Type of Oil Changes

Prices of differerent oil changes will vary.  Like we have gone over plenty on this site, the main types of oil change are conventional (basic), high mileage, synthetic blend and synthetic.  The prices of each go up in the order that they are listed above.

As for a conventional oil change, these are the cheapest.  You can get a really cheap oil change if you get a basic change using a generic motor oil.  Sometimes you can get a $10 oil change like this, but you should be looking for a good brand like Mobil, Valvoline or Castrol.  Those will cost anywhere from $15-$25 with a coupon or $20-$35 without.

Synthetic blend and high mileage oil changes will cost about the same.  Oftentimes, a high mileage oil change is done with a special synthetic blend meant for older cars with a lot of miles on them.  These oil changes should cost anywhere from $35-$50 with a coupon or $40-$65 without one.

Synthetic oil change prices are going to be the highest.  The actual cost of making the synthetic motor oil is what increases the price so much.  A lab has to create these lubricants from special chemicals to make a higher grade motor oil.  Synthetic oils will last a lot longer though, so you should take that into consideration when you have to choose.  The cost of a synthetic oil change should be anywhere from $45-$65 with synthetic oil change coupon up to $85 without a coupon.

Finding Oil Change Prices

It seems like most companies will hide the price of an oil change.  I have actually called some places like Jiffy Lube that said they won’t tell you the price over the phone.  You can use a few different resources still to find out how much a local oil change will cost.  You can head over to and look through reviews for prices from people that have visited locations in your area.

You can also check out the companies’ websites in your area.  Some companies like NTB and Sears advertise the final oil change prices on their websites.  A lot of other companies won’t do this because regionally prices are different and because franchised shops can charge different prices than the rest of the locations around the country.

Walmart Oil Change Price

Walmart is a good example of a site that won’t advertise how much an oil change costs in their stores.  There aren’t even any Walmart oil change coupons available to give you an idea.  Prices of a Walmart oil change seem to vary based on the location of the stores.  You can sometimes find out how much they will cost by searching Yahoo answer or going to Yelp for reviews.  Typically, the price of a conventional oil change will be somewhere around $30 at Walmart while the synthetic prices are somewhere around $70.

Feb 21 2013

Fast Track Oil Change

Fast Track is a great Wisconsin based oil change company.  They are a small company, but have over 10 locations that are around to give a quick and reliable oil change to people in the area.

Locals seem to really like these shops.  Most of the locations receive high star ratings from Yelp along with some glowing reviews.  The Fast Track in Northridge Lakes seems to be the laggard, only getting 2 stars on the website.  It looks like most, if not all, of the other Fast Track oil change locations have at least 4 stars.

Platinum Oil Change Service

Fast Track has a fancy name for what is a basic oil change at most places.  They call it Platinum, Jiffy Lube calls it Signature Service, everybody has their own name for it.  The Platinum Service Oil Change here includes:

  • Inspect/Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Inspect/Fill Rear Differential Fluid
  • Check Air Filter
  • Inspect PCV Valve / Breather
  • Wash Windshield
  • Computerized Vehicle History
  • FREE REFILLS for 3 months or 3,000 miles
  • Check/Fill Windshield Solvent
  • Inspect/Fill Power Steering Fluid
  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Inspect/Fill Battery
  • Visual Inspection of Belts and Hoses
  • Check/Fill Tire Pressure
  • Check/Fill Transfer Case (4WD Only)
  • Check/Fill Front Differential (4WD Only)

You can get different grades of motor oil as well when you shop at Fast Track Lube.  All of these are Mobil oil changes.  The basic oil change comes with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® motor oil, high mileage with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® High Mileage motor oil, synthetic blend with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® synthetic blend motor oil and fully synthetic comes with 5 qts. of Mobil 1® Full synthetic motor oil.  All oil changes include a new oil filter and chassis lube.  Most of the time you can get in and out for 15-20 minutes, according to their website.

Fast Track Oil Change Price

Fast Lube does not advertise the price of an oil change on their website.  The Yelp reviews aren’t much of a help either.  You can try calling ahead to your local Fast Track to find out what they are charging.  Make sure you have the exact make and model of your car along with the type of oil you want to have replaced in your car.

fast track oil change couponOil Change Coupons

There are oil change coupons available with Fast Track oil changes.  They are on their website every month and get updated as soon as the last one has expired.  the coupon to the right was found in February and expires March 3, 2013.  You can click the image to land on the webpage with new oil change coupons.

Fast Track Locations

Feb 15 2013

Oil Change Dallas

Dallas is in the middle of oil country.  Oil country of the United States at least.  Oil changes around the Dallas area can sometimes be cheaper than the rest of the country, but you still need to be on the lookout for the best oil change locations in Dallas to make sure you have the best mechanics doing the work for you.

When you have anybody perform any service on your car, you want to make sure that they are skilled, honest and price fair.  Thankfully, the internet makes it a lot easier to find reviews and prices for oil changes in areas all around the country, Texas included.

Oil Changes in Dallas

Precision Tune Auto Care

11632 N. Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75243
Neighborhood: North Dallas
(214) 352-8067

Precision has the best reviews on yelp for not only oil changes, but for an all around mechanic shop.  Yelp reviewers give them glowing reviews about how great the customer service was.  This is extremely important to a lot of people.  Lots of us have unfortunately dealt with the snobby mechanics that are just trying to sell you more services to take more of your money.  This does not seem to be the case at Precision Tune Auto Care of Dallas.

Find oil change coupons on their website.

Lucky Ducky Lube Center

10710 Audelia Rd
Dallas, TX 75238
Neighborhood: Northeast Dallas
(214) 553-9460

This is a great location that is small, but efficient.  They focus mainly on oil changes and car washes.  With this business model, they are able to keep the line moving so that you aren’t stuck waiting for the person ahead of you to get their car examined and fixed.  It works pretty much as a quick assembly line of oil changes and car washes.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

2001 Abrams Rd
Dallas, TX 75214
Neighborhood: Lakewood
(214) 823-8300

There is a trend around the country where the majority of cities that have a VIOC location also has Valvoline listed as one of the top 10 oil change locations in the city.  Dallas is no exception.  Yelpers made this the number 3 oil change place in the city of Dallas.  According to the reviews on Yelp, there don’t appear to be pushy employees here.  They will offer their advice, but won’t push anything on you.

Feb 12 2013

Oil Change – Austin, TX

Texas is still the biggest resource of crude oil in the United States.  Second up, is North Dakota.  You would think that with all of the crude oil being drilled in Texas that you would be able to find a cheap oil change in the area.  Even people in Texas are prone to the high costs of oil changes like the rest of the country.

Using several websites and visitor recommendations, we have a great list of some of the best oil change locations in the Austin, Texas area.  Hopefully you can use these locations to find a great oil change and hopefully find a good deal.  Please leave us a comment below if you have any insight on these Austin locations or have recommendations for another oil change shop in the area.

Top Austin Oil Change Locations

Soco Service Center

2300 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
Neighborhoods: 78704 (South Austin), SoCo (S. Congress Ave.), Travis Heights
(512) 440-9000

This is by far, Yelpers favorite place to get their oil changed.  They have a perfect 5 star rating with 20 people reviewing it.  You barely ever see a high review business like that on Yelp.  It looks like the regular oil change price can get to about $30, but if you find a coupon or a limited time discount, they will get the price down for you.

Soco Service center is open Monday-Saturday with shorter business hours on Saturday afternoons.

Jiffy Lube

3401 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 452-5773


3704 Spicewood Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78759
Neighborhood: Far West/Northwest Hills
(512) 345-1274

You can find a Jiffy Lube in most major cities to get your oil changed.  The reviews are usually up and down in most cities, but there are several locations in Austin that come highly recommended.  Both of the locations above have at least 4 star reviews on Yelp.  The Yelp customers keep on recommending these two Jiffy Lubes because of the great service and the fast jobs that the mechanics do.

Austin Auto Techs

4918 Hamilton Rd
Austin, TX 78759
Neighborhoods: Arboretum, Great Hills
(512) 343-7711

If you are looking for an auto service station that isn’t a large commercial company, you might want to check out Austin Auto Techs.  This is another great company that has some incredible reviews (4.5 stars from 73 reviews).  This is a personally owned and operated business by two ASE Certified technicians.

Jan 31 2013

Oil Change Ann Arbor

There are a lot of places that you can get an oil change in and around Ann Arbor.  You can choose between a lot of local mechanics, quick lube franchises and then some larger stores like Walmart or Sears.

If you are looking for the best oil change shop, then its best to use a personal review.  We put together this list of the places that you should call first when you need an oil change in Ann Arbor, MI.

Top Five Oil Change Locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan

1st Stop Auto Care

Yelp Review: 5 Stars from 6 Reviews!

Yelp reviewers love this place.  Not one person has anything bad to stay about 1st stop.  They advertise a $14.95 oil change that will end up costing you about $21 after taxes service fees.  Call ahead because this place is popular and can get busy.

907 N Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 302-4277

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

Yelp Review: 3.5 Stars from 10 Reviews

Victory Lane has locations in Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.  The Ann Arbor location has good reviews online and is located at 1635 Plymouth Rd.  The website has a list of oil change coupons available for that location.

1635 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

(734) 662-7755

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Yelp Review: 4 stars by 5 reviewers

We have written about Valvoline Instant Oil Change coupons on here plenty, and that was for all national locations.  The Anna Arbor location is just as good, if not better than most other VIOC locations around the country.  Yelpers gave it a 4 star review with nothing but kind words throughout.

3040 Lohr Cir
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

(734) 214-9655

Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe

Yelp Review: 4 Stars by 4 reviewers

Uncle Ed’s is a great independently owned oil change company.  In fact, they are the largest independently owned oil change company in the entire state of Michigan.  They have 29 different locations throughout Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and Detroit.  They advertise a $24.95 oil change, but you can also find some coupons on their website or you can even join the rewards program to save more money if you remain a loyal customer.

4138 Ellsworth Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

(734) 528-4635

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Yelp Review: 4 Stars from 10 Reviews

The Firestone oil change location in Ann Arbor is one of the locals favorite places to get their cars serviced.  Customers claim that Firestone is helpful and honest.  Those are two qualities that you should be seeking out whenever you look for a person to work on your car or truck.

402 E Huron St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Neighborhood: Downtown Ann Arbor

(734) 769-9040