Jan 30 2013

$19.99 Oil Change

Oil change prices are different everywhere that you look.  Some companies will sell their services for a great bargain while others are selling the exact same service with the exact same products for a lot more money.  The $19.99 oil change is one of the more competitive pricing points out there as most companies will try and charge over $25 for this.

Cheap Oil Change

Just because your oil change is only $19.99 doesn’t mean you are getting a bad service.  Too often, people will associate the word cheap with low quality.  The kind of cheap that we are talking about here is the price tag.

Oil Change Coupons

Typically, you won’t be able to find an oil change for just $20 if you don’t use a coupon.  This is an advertised special for most places that you might have to look around for.  There are a few companies like Midas that always have the same $19.99 or $19.95 oil change coupon all year round.

1999 oil change coupon

Midas $19.99 Oil Change Coupon

The discount to the right comes from the Midas iPhone app that you can use to find more locations and discounts available.  This is a really handy app that helps you pinpoint the closest location, so its perfect if your not sitting by a computer.   All you need to do to claim this coupon is pull up the app and show it to the cashier.   The app is free, so you might as well get it.

You can find more Midas coupons on their website, but the majority of Midas locations are franchise owned.  This means that there are no nationally run discounts.  You’re more likely to find discount oil changes for locations around you and they won’t all be the same deals.


Do it Yourself Oil Change

The best way to get the cheapest oil change is to do it yourself.  If you already have the tools and an hour to kill, then you can get the price down under $15.  All you will need to buy is the quarts of (conventional) motor oil and an oil filter.  If you don’t have tools, you can borrow some from certain auto parts stores.  I know Auto Zone and Pep Boys have loaner programs.  This costs you nothing, so its a great way to avoid going to a mechanic.