Feb 19 2013

5 Minute Oil Change Coupon

Spending just 5 minutes on an oil change is definitely an impressive feat.  It takes most places at least a half hour to do all of the work that is necessary to finish the job.  Even companies like Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube that have been around for a long time with huge business networks still take about 20 minutes to fully change your oil.

Take 5, a quick lube chain in the Southern United States, has figured out how to streamline the process so much that it takes just 5 minutes.  They are known for this quick and convenient service.

5 Minute Oil Change Locations

The majority of the oil change locations that Take 5 has to offer are found around the Southern belt of the US.  There are currently  25 locations in South Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Take 5 is quickly making an expansion effort into the Carolinas right now with locations in Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.  There are plans for new locations popping up in Mobile- Alabama, Laplace-Lousiana, Raleigh-North Carolina and Greensboro-North Carolina.

Take 5 Services

You can get more than just a quick oil change at Take 5.  They also offer several other maintenance services and minor repairs in their shops.  In order to keep the process running quickly, they don’t do many advanced jobs in their stores.  Mainly, you will get services like Transmission Fluid Exchange, Coolant Exchange, Nitro Tire Fill, Air Filter Replacement and Wiper Blade Replacements.

5 Minute Oil Change Coupons

You can find a lot of great deals at Take 5.  There are discounts and oil change coupons listed on their website.  The discounts are only applicable to each individual shop, so you cannot get a coupon for ever site in one spot.  What you can do, you can go to the locations section of the Take 5 website and find the closest Take 5’s to where you live or where you have your car.  Click on the link to the shop nearest you and you will get the coupons for oil changes and other services at that particular shop.


Take 5 Local Coupons