Jan 29 2013

$9.99 Oil Change

Can you really get an oil change that cheap?  $9.99 is not a lot to spend on an oil change, considering most places will do these for upwards of $30 for a basic service.

If you are really determined to find an oil change for just under ten bucks, I can try and help.  Read on to get some more information on the possibility of a cheap oil change like this.

Type of Oil

Conventional motor oil is going to be your only option with this price point.  This is going to be the basic, no frills type of oil change.  Now, I’m not trying to say this is a bad option, but you can do better if you need to or want to.

High mileage and synthetic motor oil is a lot more money.  You are not going to get enough of either of these to get the job done for under $20.

DIY or Full Service

Unless you get a really, really cheap oil change coupon, you should expect to do the oil change yourself to get this low price.  If you have never done one of these before, it isn’t that difficult.  There are plenty of Youtube videos breaking down exactly how to do an oil change on your own.  The most expensive part would be the tools, but you can borrow tools for free from places like AutoZone and Pep Boys.

Oil Filter

You probably won’t get the filter with the oil at this set price.  The cheapest filter will be about $3 most likely.  Sometimes you can find a Walmart oil change coupon or sale that helps you get a package deal for a lower price so you can include the oil filter.  Also, check out Pep Boys.  They have a lot of great deals.

Brand of Motor Oil

Earlier I mentioned that you won’t get any premium oils if you go this route.  You’ll get conventional, which isn’t bad.  But, you won’t get the best oil changes like Valvoline or Pennzoil.  You’ll most likely have to settle for a low grade version of what you need.  It will work, but it won’t be your best option.  Spend a few more bucks and get a better oil.