Feb 22 2013

Cost of Oil Change

You never really question the cost of an oil change until you need to get one.  Then you start wondering why the prices are so much different everywhere you look.  Well, that is if you can actually find the prices.  Most companies seem to hide the actual cost of an oil change from you.  Usually when you find an oil change coupon, they will say how much you are saving and not how much the final price actually is.

There are actually a lot of factors that go into how much an oil change will cost.  You have to take into consideration the type of oil you are getting, any discounts you are receiving, whether or not you are getting  a new filter and also the area you are in.

Different Type of Oil Changes

Prices of differerent oil changes will vary.  Like we have gone over plenty on this site, the main types of oil change are conventional (basic), high mileage, synthetic blend and synthetic.  The prices of each go up in the order that they are listed above.

As for a conventional oil change, these are the cheapest.  You can get a really cheap oil change if you get a basic change using a generic motor oil.  Sometimes you can get a $10 oil change like this, but you should be looking for a good brand like Mobil, Valvoline or Castrol.  Those will cost anywhere from $15-$25 with a coupon or $20-$35 without.

Synthetic blend and high mileage oil changes will cost about the same.  Oftentimes, a high mileage oil change is done with a special synthetic blend meant for older cars with a lot of miles on them.  These oil changes should cost anywhere from $35-$50 with a coupon or $40-$65 without one.

Synthetic oil change prices are going to be the highest.  The actual cost of making the synthetic motor oil is what increases the price so much.  A lab has to create these lubricants from special chemicals to make a higher grade motor oil.  Synthetic oils will last a lot longer though, so you should take that into consideration when you have to choose.  The cost of a synthetic oil change should be anywhere from $45-$65 with synthetic oil change coupon up to $85 without a coupon.

Finding Oil Change Prices

It seems like most companies will hide the price of an oil change.  I have actually called some places like Jiffy Lube that said they won’t tell you the price over the phone.  You can use a few different resources still to find out how much a local oil change will cost.  You can head over to Yelp.com and look through reviews for prices from people that have visited locations in your area.

You can also check out the companies’ websites in your area.  Some companies like NTB and Sears advertise the final oil change prices on their websites.  A lot of other companies won’t do this because regionally prices are different and because franchised shops can charge different prices than the rest of the locations around the country.

Walmart Oil Change Price

Walmart is a good example of a site that won’t advertise how much an oil change costs in their stores.  There aren’t even any Walmart oil change coupons available to give you an idea.  Prices of a Walmart oil change seem to vary based on the location of the stores.  You can sometimes find out how much they will cost by searching Yahoo answer or going to Yelp for reviews.  Typically, the price of a conventional oil change will be somewhere around $30 at Walmart while the synthetic prices are somewhere around $70.