Jan 29 2013

EZ Lube Coupon

If you came here looking for an EZ Lube oil change coupon, you must not have heard.  There is no such thing as EZ Lube anymore!

The EZ Lube company was purchased in 2012 by Henley Enterprises, the largest franchisee of Valvoline Instant Oil Changes.  Henley Enterprises realized that there were no Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations in the southwest, so acquiring every EZ Lube location made entry into the market much easier.  Since the acquisition, all EZ Lube locations have become branded Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

What does this mean for all of you looking for a cheap oil change at EZ Lube?

Well, you are all actually getting much better discounts now.  Nationwide Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations have coupons that only save their customers $5-$7.  Customers of VIOC locations that used to be EZ Lube get much better deals, for now at least.

EZ Lube Oil Change Coupon

The discount oil change at EZ Lube has been bigger than the rest of the VIOC company.  They are calling this a coupon for “Southern California” customers only, but it is technically for customers of former EZ Lube locations only.  That is because the only locations in SoCal used to be EZ Lubes.

The discounted price at these locations is a cool $15 off of any oil change.  That means that you can get a conventional oil change, or even use this as a synthetic oil change coupon.  You just need to print the coupon and bring it in to buy a full service oil change.  To print, click the image below and it will bring you to the print out page.  Or, you can click here to print this coupon at the VIOC website.

EZ Lube coupon


Valvoline Oil Change Coupon

So, technically that is a Valvoline Instant Oil Change coupon.  If you would like to get savings at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change that is located outside of Southern California, you can get them sent directly to your cell phone.  These are the two options you have:

  • $7 Off of a full synthetic or synthetic blend full-service oil change – Text VIOC7 to 58720
  • $5 of of a full-service conventional oil change – Text VIOC5 to 58720