Feb 21 2013

Fast Track Oil Change

Fast Track is a great Wisconsin based oil change company.  They are a small company, but have over 10 locations that are around to give a quick and reliable oil change to people in the area.

Locals seem to really like these shops.  Most of the locations receive high star ratings from Yelp along with some glowing reviews.  The Fast Track in Northridge Lakes seems to be the laggard, only getting 2 stars on the website.  It looks like most, if not all, of the other Fast Track oil change locations have at least 4 stars.

Platinum Oil Change Service

Fast Track has a fancy name for what is a basic oil change at most places.  They call it Platinum, Jiffy Lube calls it Signature Service, everybody has their own name for it.  The Platinum Service Oil Change here includes:

  • Inspect/Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Inspect/Fill Rear Differential Fluid
  • Check Air Filter
  • Inspect PCV Valve / Breather
  • Wash Windshield
  • Computerized Vehicle History
  • FREE REFILLS for 3 months or 3,000 miles
  • Check/Fill Windshield Solvent
  • Inspect/Fill Power Steering Fluid
  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Inspect/Fill Battery
  • Visual Inspection of Belts and Hoses
  • Check/Fill Tire Pressure
  • Check/Fill Transfer Case (4WD Only)
  • Check/Fill Front Differential (4WD Only)

You can get different grades of motor oil as well when you shop at Fast Track Lube.  All of these are Mobil oil changes.  The basic oil change comes with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® motor oil, high mileage with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® High Mileage motor oil, synthetic blend with 5 qts. of Mobil Super® synthetic blend motor oil and fully synthetic comes with 5 qts. of Mobil 1® Full synthetic motor oil.  All oil changes include a new oil filter and chassis lube.  Most of the time you can get in and out for 15-20 minutes, according to their website.

Fast Track Oil Change Price

Fast Lube does not advertise the price of an oil change on their website.  The Yelp reviews aren’t much of a help either.  You can try calling ahead to your local Fast Track to find out what they are charging.  Make sure you have the exact make and model of your car along with the type of oil you want to have replaced in your car.

fast track oil change couponOil Change Coupons

There are oil change coupons available with Fast Track oil changes.  They are on their website every month and get updated as soon as the last one has expired.  the coupon to the right was found in February and expires March 3, 2013.  You can click the image to land on the webpage with new oil change coupons.

Fast Track Locations