Jan 30 2013

Mercedes Oil Change

A great thing about driving a Mercedes is that it is hard to miss your scheduled car maintenance.  Cars that aren’t as premium in value don’t give you any indication that you need an oil change, besides breaking down. You need to keep track of when you had your last one so that you can plan accordingly.  With a Mercedes, the car knows when the oil change is due and will turn on the engine light to notify you.

Mercedes Oil Change Cost

You spent a lot of money on your car, a lot more than most cars are worth.  That means that you should be taking extra special care of your car and making sure you get the right services for it.

A Mercedes oil change will cost more than it would for say, a Toyota Camry.  Your engine is more advanced and will require a better grade of oil to make sure it runs smoothly for a longer period of time.

The type of oil you will need will most likely be a synthetic, or at least a synthetic blend.  0W-40 is a common formula used for Mercedes. It is the European Car Formula in North America.


Recommended Oil For a Mercedes Benz

While you can technically put in any lube in your engine, most won’t work efficiently with your vehicle.  With a luxurious vehicle like a Benz, you will want it to continue running luxuriously.  You can accomplish this by using higher quality blends like:

  • Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30
    • Fully synthetic low ash oil suitable for cars requiring the Mercedes-Benz MB 229.31 or MB 229.51 specification.
  • Mobil 1 New Life™ 0W-40
    • Fully synthetic oil suitable for cars requiring the Mercedes-Benz MB 229.3 or MB 229.5 specification.
  • Valvoline SYNPOWER®
    • Formulated for performance vehicles

Mercedes Oil Change Coupon

Mercedes isn’t exactly the type of company to start issuing coupons.  High end companies usually don’t offer things like this, but there are other options.  You can get a cheap oil change for your Mercedes at a trusted mechanic with oil change coupons or even a Sears location.  Just make sure they are using a high quality synthetic motor oil.  Another option would be to buy the oil yourself with a coupon and do the oil change yourself.  Click here for a tutorial on how to change the oil in a Mercedes.