Feb 14 2013

Oil Change Locations

When it comes time to get your car’s oil changed, it is important that you decide on the right place to get the job done.  There are a lot of oil change locations that perform shoddy work and don’t show you the fine print on the work until the job is over. You’re going to want to find the best place for an oil change so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

There are a lot of options.  Every city has multiple places that you can get your car maintained by a team of mechanics.  It becomes a matter of preference, trust and price when deciding on where you want to go with your car and your money.

Large Retailers

There are a number of retailers around the country that do a lot of work on cars.  These retailers will have automotive sections, usually in the back of the store, where you can get your oil changed, brakes replaced, tires installed and more.


Did you know that the world’s largest retailer also does oil changes.  Not all, but many Walmarts have Walmart Tire & Lube Express departments attached to their stores.  These are usually off to the side or in the back near the tires section.


Sears Auto Centers aren’t always located on a Sears department store.  Actually, they aren’t even always on the same grounds as a Sears store.  However, there are Sears Auto Centers around the country that are dedicated to providing pretty much all preventative car maintenance, tire installations and plenty of minor repairs.

Pep Boys

A large auto parts store like this should have a mechanic on duty.  In fact, most Pep Boys locations have huge shops set up for performing almost any car repair or maintenance that you would need.  Since they have so many parts and materials on hand, you don’t have to worry about waiting for parts to get shipped in most of the time and you have a better chance of getting a good deal.

Quick Lube Stations

Jiffy Lube

Lots of people think of Jiff Lube first when oil changes come to mind.  They have nationally run commercials and discounts to remind us that they are everywhere.  A lot of peole don’t realize that Jiffy Lube is owned the the Shell Oil Company, who also owns and operates the Quaker State and Pennzoil lines of motor oil products.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change and Valvoline Express Care

The Valvoline company is owned by Ashland Inc.  Valvoline is a part of the Ashland Consumer Products division that makes some of the most well known motor oil.  Valvoline Express Care locations are all owned and operated by the Ashland Company.  Valvoline Instant Oil Change, on the other hand, is a franchise run company.  You can even find Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) locations in Southern California now since their largest franchisee purchased 100% stake in EZ Lube.

Oil Can Henry’s

This is a growing company that keeps their customers due to their traditional values.  The majority of Oil Can Henry’s locations can be found in Western and Mid-West United States.

Specialized Shops

Firestone and Goodyear

These are both competitors, but both of them have similar business models.  They make most of their money by selling and installing tires, but also provide a variety of services, like oil changes.  Often, you can get an oil change coupon that gets you a service with a free tire rotation since they are the experts on that.

Meineke Car Care Center

They used to be known as Meineke Discount Muffler Shops, but changed to Meineke Car Care so that they wouldn’t push anybody away looking for other services.  Meineke bought Econolube in 2006, giving them about 200 quick lube stations, but also the infrastructure of a quick oil change company.


This company really pigeon-holed themselves as a muffler company in the beginning when they were known as The Muffler Installation Dealers’ Associated Service.  The name eventually changed to Midas and they now advertise that they are auto service experts where you can get more than just your muffler worked on.

National Tire and Battery (NTB)

This company lists its two major expert areas just in their title.  They don’t make their own tires like Goodyear and Firestone, but they are experts on the installations and tire maintenance.  Ironically, NTB often has the cheapest oil changes among the competition in many cases.