Jun 04 2013

Sears Oil Change Coupon 2013

Here is the latest oil change coupon offered by Sears, your one stop location for the finest car care that you can get on the run.
For this deal you can save $8.00 off the regular conventional oil change, which they usually charge you $29.99 for. This would include the oil and filter as well. We all know that changing the oil on a regular basis tends to extend the life of your cars engine, and keeps it running smoothly.

Sears is a company that bases a lot of their business off of customer service and keeps customers from the quality of the services that they offer.  They try to do the best with services like oil change.  You can even see the great reviews they get at most locations by checking out the Yelp reviews for your local Sears Auto Service Center.

sears-oil-change-coupon-june-2013Changing the oil often also improves gas mileage and these days we can all use that!

This coupon expires August 8, 2013 so print it out and get down there now. Go to the website and get some other valuable coupons for some of the other services that Sears offers as well. You will be glad you did.

This deal will give you a conventional oil change for $19.99 or savings of $10 on either a synthetic or high mileage oil change.  There is a $3.50 shop fee in some areas that you can’t get away from though, so add that into your budget before you decide to go down.  This fee is not applied to oil changes in California, Illinois, Minnesota and Puerto Rico locations.