Feb 08 2013

Sears Oil Change Coupon

Sears is a great place to get an oil change, among many other automotive services.  They have trained and ASE certified mechanics at every Sears Auto Center that can perform any regular maintenance jobs like oil changes and installation of new tires.

Sears Oil Change Price

The price of Sears oil change varies depending the type of motor oil that you want to use in your car.  Like most other lube stations, you can choose either conventional, high mileage or synthetic motor oil for your job.  As of February 8, 2013 the following are the prices of oil changes without a coupon at Sears:

  • Conventional Oil Change Service (Excludes Filter) – $26.50
  • High Mileage Oil Change Service (Filter & $3 shop fee excluded) – $44.99
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change Service (Filter & $3 shop fee excluded) – $59.99

Sears Oil Change Coupons

Obviously you aren’t going to want to pay full retail for this.  That is why you should be looking for a Sears oil change coupon to get the price down.  Sears usually issues their coupons the 2nd week of every month and they will last for about 30 days.  The discount usually brings a conventional oil change down to $17.99 and also lets you take $6 off the price of a synthetic or high mileage oil change.

Schedule An Oil Change Online

Not many companies have this set up, but with Sears you can pay for and schedule your oil change online.  The only other company that we are aware of that lets you pay on their website would be National Tire and Battery (NTB).  Simply select the year, make and model of your car from their drop down menus then choose which oil change you want.  If you choose to use an oil change coupon, there are usually coupon codes associated with them that let you get the discount by paying online.

Similar Companies

There are not a lot of companies that are such giant retailers offering auto services like this.  Walmart would be the closest example of a store like Sears that performs oil changes.  Pep Boys is another similar store, but they just focus on auto parts and accessories while you can find a lot more to shop for at Walmart or Sears.