Jan 29 2013

Synthetic Oil Change Coupons

Synthetic motor oil definitely costs more than regular conventional motor oil.  This is a fact that you cannot get passed.  Even with a synthetic oil change coupon, you should be expecting to pay at least $25 more for one of these premium services than a basic deal.

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular

Synthetic motor oil is a premium choice that a lot of people make for different reasons.  Some people like to just think that because the price is higher, it must be a better product.  A lot of people like to handle car maintenance and repairs in this fashion, which isn’t always the right course to take.

Synthetic is made up of chemicals and/or chemically modified petroleum.  Conventional motor oil cames basically from crude oil which makes it less stable and worse for the environment.

Synthetic costs a lot more money than regular as well.  This is because the costs of creating the lubricant still outweighs the prices of working with crude oil.

Which is better, synthetic or conventional?

This is a topic for discussion.  Your mechanic at Jiffy Lube is definitely going to say synthetic is better, but that is because he is looking to sell you on a more expensive service.  Car enthusiasts opinions vary on this topic though.  My advice would be to use synthetic if:

  • You have a very expensive car
  • You live in extremely low or extremely hot weather most of the year
  • Your vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it

Environmental Factors

One of the reasons that some people prefer to get synthetic oil changes over basic is because of the environmental factors associated with it.  There is no reliance on crude oil from the ground, crude oil that has been shown to pollute the environment.  Synthetic motor oils are sometimes made with raw materials that have less polluting effects on the environment.

Synthetic Oil Change Cost

Like I said before, the cost is higher.  This is why you should look into getting a synthetic oil change coupon.  Here are some examples of synthetic oil change prices (without a coupon) as of today:

  • NTB – $60.99
  • Walmart – $60
  • Sears – $59.99

Valvoline NextGen Synthetic Motor Oil

For those of you that are looking towards synthetic motor oil for the sake of the environmental factors, you should check out Valvoline NextGen oil.  Valvoline is the first major national brand that offers recycled oil.  The oil is actually better than regular crude oil because the used oil has less contaminant and more oil molecules.  The system they use to refine the used fuels even adds in special additives to give you better engine protection.