Jan 30 2013

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupon

Valvoline oil company has a stake in a quick lube company of the same name.  Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations are franchised companies, so that means that individuals, not Valvoline own each individual shop.  That doesn’t mean that you will get any lower quality service at different locations though.  Valvoline makes sure that their franchisees run each shop to keep a consistency of quality throughout the respected company.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices

The quality of work performed at all Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) locations should be about the same throughout, but the pricing can be different.  This goes back to the franchise form of business that VIOC runs.  Each location can set their own prices to remain competitive in their own areas.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupons

Most locations will accept the VIOC coupons available online.  You can choose between printing the coupons at home or having them sent to your cell phone.  The monthly discounts for oil change with Valvoline can be sent to your mobile phone using the following directions:

Valvoline Synthetic Oil Change Coupon – Text VIOC7 to 58720.  You will receive a text back with a code to save $7 on any full synthetic or synthetic blend full service oil change.

Valvoline Conventional Oil Change Coupon – Text VIOC5 to 58720.  You will receive a text back with a code to save $5 on conventional full service oil change.

Printable Valvoline Coupons

The same discounts above can be found on the Valvoline website.  The coupons remain the same every month, but they adjust the expiration dates, so be sure to return to the site in order to print the newest Valvoline coupons.

Valvoline NextGen Coupon

You can use the synthetic oil change coupon above to get NextGen oil in your car.  NextGen is a new motor oil created by Valvoline that recycles motor oil.  This is done to help the environment while giving you a premium motor oil for your vehicle.

ez lubeEZ Lube Acquisition

In 2012, the biggest Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise holder spread VIOC into Southern California.  To make this move, he purchased every EZ Lube location in the SoCal area then rebranded them to Valvoline.  Through this acquisition, Valvoline instantly gained a major competitive edge over the market in and around Los Angeles and San Diego.