Feb 12 2013

Walmart Oil Change Coupons

Walmart has been THE leader in low prices for pretty much any product that you can name.  They sell basically anything and everything in their stores.  They even have “Super” Walmarts that have a grocery store attached to the store that is already humongous.

Oil changes at Walmart are extremely convenient.  A large complaint among people who drop their car off for an oil change with most companies is that they have to sit around in a dirty waiting room for their car to be finished.  At Walmart, you can drop off your vehicle, do some of your regular shopping, then pick up your car in a half hour or so and pick up your car.

Walmart Oil Change Prices

As the leader in low prices and “rollback pricing”, you would expect that oil changes would be one of the cheap services that they would offer.  But, in reality, prices are not as competitive with Walmart oil changes compared to other local places like Sears or Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

Lots of people on the web complain about the higher prices of an oil change at Walmart.  They go out looking for oil change coupons for Walmart to get their prices down.

Walmart Coupon for Oil Change

Unfortunately, Walmart does not issue coupons for oil changes at this time.  If you want to get a cheap oil change at Walmart, you have two options.  First, you can wait for a sale and keep checking their weekly circular to find the discount.  Second, you can bring them a competitor coupon since Walmart matches lower prices and competitor coupons.  In order to use this, you have to make sure Walmart has the same exact motor oil and oil filter as they will only match the price of a service that is exactly the same.

Other Services

Besides oil changes, there are a few more car services that you can have done at Walmart Tire and Lube Express locations.  They can perform most of the smaller preventative maintenance for your car and all of them can install new tires that you either purchased from Walmart or brought in from another vendor.